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Symptoms of hormone imbalance can be clarified through saliva and/or blood spot hormone testing.

Click on the symptom checklist links below to determine whether or not you have symptoms for one or more specific types of hormone imbalance.

Go through each category of hormone imbalance and check those symptoms that apply to you. Check only those which are troublesome and persist over time.

Two or more persistent symptoms in any given category is a strong indicator of an existing hormone imbalance. This can be confirmed by testing levels of the specific hormone(s) or hormone profile(s) recommended.

Symptom Checklists

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Saliva Testing:

  • Identifies hidden hormonal imbalances (deficiency or excess) associated with patient symptoms of menopause and andropause
  • Links clinical symptoms to specific hormone imbalance(s)
  • Maintains health and prevent disease through early detection of hormonal imbalance(s)
  • Monitors patient hormone levels for “individualized” hormone replacement therapy
  • Tracks patient progress with comparative history reports provided with follow-up testing
  • Pharmacist will contact your physician with your results and determine the best therapy for you.


About Blood Spot Testing

About Saliva Testing

Adrenal Function

Estrogen Dominance

Insulin Resistance

Male Andropause

Premature Agingand Growth Hormone Deficiency

Thyroid Function

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